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The study and analysis of the old terrazzo floor has led us to create a mixture equal to the original historic. The mixture is made of natural lime, shattered terracotta and colored marble inert materials. It is packed and polished and offers an excellent mechanical resistance and high elasticity in order to be elegant and refined as the first day you saw it. 

Our terrazzo will accompany you throughout your life, with almost unlimited extension surfaces, it is free of any type of technical joints and it is enriched by the implementation of various designs and elegant decorations. 

The chromatic possibilities are unlimited because in the process of grouting it allows the use of various natural earths. 

The color possibilities are unlimited because in the grouting process it allows the use of various natural lands that combined with natural lime and natural stones and thanks to the finishing with linseed oil and natural wax, it possible to give a special satin and amber gloss to the surface, differently from all the modern imitations based on cement and resin materials. 

Furthermore, the terrazzo floor is the maximum for radiant-floor heating installations thanks to its thermal conductivity, important property that differentiates it from all other materials.