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a natural material

Love nature for its extraordinary ability to spread wellbeing, calm and beauty. Surround yourself with its enchanting creations and let it embrace you wonderfully with heat and intimacy every time you step into your home. 

Shattered terracotta and lime-terrazzo floor gives unique intense emotions. Be enchanted every day by the relaxing scent of nature and see with new eyes the marvelous details of each species: shades and colours make an inimitable natural masterpiece, created just for you. 

Touch the quality of Feltracco Brothers floorings. It is entirely top to bottom, without the addition of products that can affect the purity and perfection of the most environmentally friendly material there is. 

Become nature’s accomplice and help it to regenerate by making more environmentally aware choices. Our floors incorporate ecological processes and the use of certified materials.


Create your personal space in which to find equilibrium and feel completely comfortable. Listen to your heart when choosing the colours of the Terrazzo floor that most fit your lifestyle and experiment a new sensation of wellbeing. A house with a terrazzo floor immediately becomes quieter, more comfortable at all times of the year and healthier.


It was born at the beginning of the story of floor decoration in Greece where the floorings made from river stones were arranged and sealed with lime and clay. It is part of the architectural history of the Hellenistic and Roman period to the present day. 

In Italy, specially in Venice, the Terrazzo was realized with a mixture of fragmented terracotta and lime and it was characterized by a rosy color, therefor we talk about floorings made of lime that have similar ingredients to those of the ancient plasters. 

The ancient Venetian masters have passed down the art of these beautiful terracotta and lime floorings, by spreading it even in our area. 

This terracotta and lime-Terrazzo floor, or “Genovese terrace” or “planted gravel” or “irregular mosaic” or “Venetian beaten”, whichever way you want to call it is always art to admire “by looking at our feet”.