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Who we are


Discover our “philosophy of the inhabit”: a wonderful balance of design, ecology, sustainability and quality hat are combined harmoniously together. 

By studying the past and the history of our ancestors, by looking confidently into the future and thanks to the spirit of innovation, like young entrepreneurs, we have guided the evolution of the terrace without losing sight of the respect for man and the environment. 

Every stages of the creation of our natural terrazzo floors are still proudly realized with old materials and edge innovative systems, in compliance with the existing legislation. 

Therefor we can offer a higher value product, thermally tested that is appropriate especially to any type of wooden loft floor, and every kind of living environment, from the historical to modern. 

With our help through the restoration and the creation of your terracotta and lime-terrazzo floor we can make your home and those of your children a warmer and natural place with a significant and fundamental energy saving.


With the aim of creating the excellence we continue to rely on the experience of our master craftsmen and their fundamental knowledge of the secrets of natural materials such as shattered terracotta and lime. 

Any machine or plant will ever equal our passion and our dedication in carrying precious and unlimited productions for the floorings. 
The true value of the Made in Italy is in the hands of our craftsmen and in the extraordinary knowledge that lives in us thanks to the tradition.

Our history

In these years the staff has received and repaid the faith of its customers who wanted to entrust restructuring and prestigious projects in the restoration, by using techniques of intervention and recovery of old plaster, paving and more, based on studies of the materials and of their physico-chemical behavior, and based on different recovery modes and thanks to the application of new materials similar to existing materials.

Our Mission

The consulting services provided to the customer, interact with qualified studies of architecture and design by regularly using the services of the company that has given rise to an interpretation of the building field with a not standardized vision but with an excellence and prestige vision projecting the company towards the future while respecting the history.

Our Vision

The dedication to the restoration did not prevent the company to work to new constructions using its knowledge of the techniques of the past combined with the search of the most functional solutions, with the continuous updating on the technological evolution of materials as well as the attention of the aesthetic details and with the eco-environmental requirements, by ensuring a result of absolute elegance, quality and efficiency.


Ismaele Feltracco
Mosé Feltracco